Still struggling with your eyebrows?

Hi loves! Another Friday, another helpful post.

Today’s post is for those of us that still struggle with getting our eyebrows looking bomb as hell, we got you covered.

I went to my beauty store to get a new brow pencil as I was running out of what I had been using, the person in charge told me they had run out of the product and it wasn’t going to be available for a few days and I was upset. So I asked for something else ( affordable but good enough to be used temporarily) and she brought me the Nickak waterproof eyeliner in dark brown. Of course I was like ‘no I said an eyebrow pencil not an eyeliner’ and she goes this is just as good, she’s been using it for months- her brows were perfect btw. So I decided to buy it, it was cheap anyway.

Well six months in, I’m still so obsessed. First of all I need to mention continuosly how cheap it is, then I must say how long it lasts( I do my eyebrows pretty much everyday and I use a stick for close to two months) next it makes doing up your brows so easy, the consistency is great. And it literally wouldn’t come off no matter what. At the end of the day, when the rest of my makeup isn’t looking as great, I can always count on my eyebrows to remain great. I also don’t need to set my eyebrows with anything, so I basically just need my wand, nick pencil – in this case the liner, my concealer and a blending brush and I’m good to go. Also I must mention how solid the led is, it doesn’t break. Well you do not need to apply any pressure so there’s no reason for it to fall apart.

The Nickak have eyebrow pencils which I’m going to eventually try out. In the meantime, I’m sticking with these. Check out the site

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Flawless foundation.


Today is all about the special tool that makes our foundations look great!

I have always been a brush girl (I’m sure many of us still are) and I did a pretty good job using my  brush to apply and blend. Then I decided to try using my blender which I already had for months. 

I put some finishing spray to dampen it and I got to work. My first reaction was woah! I see what everyone has been going on about. The blender is literally my favorite makeup tool. 

Making sure your foundation looks flawless in your makeup routine is key and this literally makes the work a lot easier. I love how it dispenses my foundation around as I pat in and my face has the same level of coverage. (Am I losing you guys yet) this post probably calls for a video. Lol

Well, try out the beauty blender and see for yourselves. Make sure to get the original one if you don’t want to keep running back to the store.

Oh and keeping it clean is so simple. I still use my johnsons baby soap. All I do is pour a little bit into my palm, damper the blender a bit with some warm water and I just swipe it in my palm. In seconds it’s back to being clean.

Hope you enjoyed the post? 

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Cool color combos 

Hi ladies! Time for another post!!

So let me help you ladies that have a little trouble picking eyeshadow and lip combos that are timeless. So let me take out the guesswork and tricky decision making and help you out with these cool color combos.



Try out the bold cobalt on your bottom lash line or inner corner of your eye. To make your eyes POP! Complimenting your lips with a thick pencil and swipe on some rosy blush colored lip balm.



This candy color lips and eye look is for a girly girl who dares to be different. Apply the purple grape shadow shade to your eyelids with a shadow brush, add a lilac color to your inner eye corner and blend it with the purple and apply again to the inner corner to make your eyes glow. Then to tie everything coat your lips with a pop of pink to finish your girly look off.



Try this daring look to make you stand out in the crowd. Be as lit with this flame look. The nude lip will help to balance out the fiery red eyeshadow..



This high-glam look is absolutely bold but it will look fabulous. Go with a liquid eye shadow. With your finger, tap the creamy gold shadow up toward your eyebrow. Try one layer for a sheer wash, try it two more times for more intensity and pair it off with a deep maroon matte lipstick to tie everything in all together.



Be a ROCKSTAR! Bold lips and rock star black liner is the ultimate combo. Look for a liquid liner that is easy to maneuver to help make a clean tail. Start from the inner corner and move to the outer corner. Do it as well on your bottom lash line, by creating a parallel line. Then top it all off with a shocking reddish-pink shade on your lips.

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Hi ladies!

Today’s post is going to be all about skin care and some new ideas about achieving a softer, supple and radiant skin. If you’re interested, keep reading and leave a comment down below.

I always get an uncomfortable feeling at the thought of slathering oil all over my skin in the sticky, humid weather, and I’m sure a lot of us probably get the same feeling. But I realized there are many natural formulas that are great at hydrating the skin without leaving you looking greasy.  

I have put this post together to show 8 of my favorite body oils that I think are awesome for all skin types to make your skin smooth, radiant and always hydrated. 



SHEA MOISTURES Bath and Body Oils (they smell heavenly) 


PHILOSOPHY Coconut Body Oil 


LAURA MERCIER Body Butter Oil 


PALMERS Coconut Body Oil 

“Oil It Up! To achieve a softer supple skin, introducing body oils to your skin care routine is key. I know what you’re thinking. Oils and the sun, well I naturally prefer to use my oils at night after a long day at work I go home, unwind with a good shower and “Oil It Up.”  

What’s in my makeup starter purse

Hi loves!

It’s another week, another beauty post! Hope we all had a good week and we are ready to chill and enjoy the weekend ‘cos we are.

This post is all about the essential things you need for your makeup purse/bag as a beginner. 

Let’s get started!

The face

First thing you need for your face is a good primer especially if you have an oily skin. The primer helps to keep your makeup in place and also protects your face. 

I am obsessed with the benefit pore fessional primer. It really does keep those pores away and it’s a good way to start the application of your foundation. It gives a clear base.

Next is the foundation. I personally have a few bests; I love the Nars foundation and the maybelline fit me and one I’m attached to is the black up. 

When I want a flawless made up face I always go for the Nars, I really get the best base with this. The rest of my makeup come on perfectly. If I’m going for a regular day like to work I go for my maybelline – I love how light and fresh faced my face stays and when I want to look glam and natural at the same time my blackup always comes in handy. (That’s the way they just work for me)

After the foundation I tend to set my face a bit but we will move to concealers first before setting. Now I know there are so many lovely concealers but I’m stuck with my LA girl concealers. I use them as a corrector, highlighter and contour. Awesome! and they are the most affordable concealers I have seen so far. ( I may be wrong, or really just stuck) I also like the tip, I mean for contouring my the sides of my nose it does a great job.

The color range is just amazing.

Now we move to setting our faces. I must say Sascha is what we all need. It’s light and doesn’t get stuck to your face. With light strokes it comes off.

Now to bronzer. I use a bronzer to set my contour. And the sleek is a nice and affordable one and best of all I love that it’s so easy to get my hands on. I hate when I run out of makeup and it’s difficult to get the same brand back.

This palette also comes with a highlighter which I do use sometimes. As a beginner this is good. You don’t need too many products hanging around and confusing you. The basics are what you need.

Finally is the setting spray. We need to have our makeup stay in place and this is just as important to me as the primer is.

See you in my next post! It would be on all the essential makeup brushes and sponges. Don’t forget to watch out for it!


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